We must seize this moment to advance and recognize the promise of justice in America.

By tikkun olam (repairing the world) we committ to ensuring that everyone in our communities can be safe, be seen, be heard, and feel valued.

Connect. Educate. Advocate.

A group of people at the Mount Herzl Cemetery in Israel.
AJOCC’s Executive Director in Israel at the Mount Herzl Cemetery with the IDF Amirim Battalion. (Satellite Communications Unit)
  • According to the new Pew Research Center Survey, 17% of U.S. Jews surveyed live in households in which at least one child or adult is Black, Hispanic, Asian, some other (non-White) race or ethnicity, or multiracial.
  • We believe local Jews of Color (JOC) voices should have agency to be seen, heard, and amplified as the leaders to drive diversity policy, equitable representation, philanthropic endeavors, and powerful initiatives in and beyond mainstream Jewish communal spaces.
  • Our vision is to change discriminatory norms that lead to inequity and injustice. We seek to build an inclusive, vibrant community where all Jews regardless of ethnicity or physical ability have representation for equitable hiring in our communal institution’s leadership.
  • We must change the way financial capital is allocated. Organizations owned by Jews of Color are usually under resourced and under served.
Child blowing a shofar.
Blowing the shofar for Rosh Hashanah.


  • Members are from different ethnicities, affiliations, and observance levels. We are individuals, spouses, families, and children who identify as non-white and Jewish, as part of a multi-racial family, or Jewish-Adjacent People of Color (POC who are not Jewish but associated with Jewish family, partners, etc.) Please join us to caucus, share inspiration, collaborate, cultivate networks, or host a Shabbat dinner.
  • Membership is centered around Jews of Color. Non-JOC may join as allies only, and are highly encouraged to contact administrators for other ways to support the group. Alternative methods of support include: donating financial resources, products & services, volunteering, becoming a sponsor, or collaborations.

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