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Atlanta Jews of Color Council is a nonpartisan grassroots organization owned and led by Jewish women of color. We provide a platform for Jewish women and girls of color to be amplified as the best experts of their own lived experience. Through the arts AJOCC works at the intersection of empowerment and social impact. It is built on recommendations from the local community.

AJOCC serves as the south’s intergenerational leadership development, mentoring, and power building entry point for Jewish women of color. AJOCC is at the forefront of championing justice and equitable policies that center racial, economic, and gender justice to promote health and wellness, economic security, education, and global empowerment as key elements of liberation.

Our goal is to embrace the humanity in every person by promoting a culture of justice where all individuals, regardless of ethnic identities, ages, social and economic status, sexual orientation, and physical and mental abilities are able to thrive and be engaged. Our intersectional lived-experience gives us a unique vantage point to provide strategic and programmatic leadership for equity and inclusion initiatives that advance justice as a critical component of belonging, and welcoming communities.

Jews are located in almost every corner of the world, and can be categorized as Sephardi Jews in Northern Africa, Spain and Portugal; Mizrachi Jews from communities in Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries; or Ashkenazi Jews from Europe.  Jews also descend from ancient communities in EthiopiaIndia and China.  In the United States Jewish demographics are becoming more diverse. Younger Jews are far more likely to say they are not white. In all, 15% of Jewish adults in the United States under 30 years old are Hispanic, Black, Asian, another non-white race or multiracial; 12% for ages 30 to 39.

We ask our community to arrive with empathy and an equity forward perspective to create a community based on respect for the dignity of each individual and a shared sense of responsibility for the well-being of one another. We must seek to understand privilege and confront overt and hidden biases in ourselves, our organizations, institutions and systems.

Those with the closest proximity to the problem are the closest to finding the best solutions.” -Glenn Martin

No initiative for social justice has ever succeeded without the full participation and leadership of those most affected. We must elevate diverse perspectives, beliefs, and values as vital to our community’s conversation of purpose.

AJOCC creates connections in psychological safe empowering spaces that are rooted in Jewish values such as: b’tzelem elohim (made in the image of God), kavod (respect), and v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha (love your neighbor as yourself).

What We Do- Grassroots activism/policy change, curriculum creation, leadership development,  and educational support.

  • Provide liberative, affirming, safe spaces where JOC can gather authentically in community to connect around cultural impact, empowerment, and build validating relationships.
  • Educational workshops, panel discussions, and DEI trainings for developing relationships across faiths, culture, and race.
  • Co-create with our partners from concept to implementation in all equity, diversity and inclusion work. We offer programs and resources, along with 3–12-month consulting and partnership engagements.
  • Use data-driven analysis to set a trajectory for social justice goals to be reached with stakeholders, board members, and ecosystem partners
  • Support leaders in producing scalable DEI solutions that benefit individuals, businesses, and philanthropic endeavors
Your support allows AJOCC to plant seeds of antiracism to cultivate more equitable outcomes for those most impacted, and close the access gap to Judaism. Please remember the Atlanta Jews of Color Council with a gift in your will, trust, retirement account or life insurance policy.

Your Gift Makes More Possible

Support advancing community belonging through music, art, and culture from a Jewish multicultural lens .

The work we do is essential, but it is not easy, profitable, or cheap. If you like our work, please consider investing in us!
Atlanta Jews of Color is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
Contributions to us are tax-deductible as applicable. EIN# 86-2134580.
Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.
Gifts can be made online through Venmo @atlantaJOCC, on PayPal by clicking on the donate button located at the bottom of this page, or checks can be sent via mail to: AJOCC, P.O. Box 468271, Atlanta, GA 31146
No gift is too small. Thank you for your generosity!


Partner with us as we mobilize Jews of Color across the South to build vibrant Jewish communities, centered on a Judaism that is sophisticated, deeply meaningful, and allows everyone to show up authentically. We envision a world where the most vulnerable amongst us are valued for their unique vantage point. Subscribe to our newsletters for regular updates, analysis and context straight to your email.

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If you are interested in a free consultation to explore potential opportunities to work with Atlanta Jews of Color Council (AJOCC), and/or if you would like for a staff member to participate as a speaker, facilitator, or host at an event, please contact us.