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Advancing racial equity, affirmation, and empowerment across the south.

Those with the closest proximity to the problem are the closest to finding the best solutions.” -Glenn Martin

AJOCC is owned and led by Jewish women of color. We provide regional Jews of Color a platform to speak for themselves, and not have narratives controlled by people who don’t know or don’t understand the complexities of our vastly nuanced intersectional lived experience. People of Color are the experts of their own narrative, and all organizations should lean into promoting, cultivating, and trusting, frontline leadership within the respective stakeholders communities being served.

Building bridges has never been more important. To truly benefit and deliver a meaningful change, organisations will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

An array of colored pencils and crayons.

Systemic injustice and inequality calls for systemic change. Statements of solidarity alone are insufficient. AJOCC advocates for tangible measurable data to operationalize policies that shape access to social capital and economic resources.

AJOCC creates connections in safe affirming spaces that are rooted in Jewish values such as: b’tzelem elohim (made in the image of God), kavod(respect), and v’ahavta l’reacha kamocha (love your neighbor as yourself).

What We Do

  • Public speaking and DEI trainings
  • Provide social innovation as a liaison to NGO boards & C-Suite to correct bias
  • Use data-driven analysis to set a trajectory for goals to be reached with stakeholders, board members, and ecosystem partners
  • Support leaders in producing scalable solutions that benefit individuals, businesses, and philanthropic endeavors
Your support allows AJOCC to plant seeds of antiracism to cultivate more equitable outcomes for those impacted, and close the access gap to Judaism.

Your Gift Makes More Possible

The work we do is essential, but it is not easy, profitable, or cheap.
If you like our work, please consider investing in us!
Atlanta Jews of Color is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
Contributions to us are tax-deductible as applicable. EIN# 86-2134580.
Please contact us if you would like to make a donation.
Gifts can be made online through Venmo @AJOCC, on PayPal by clicking on the donate button located at the bottom of this page, or checks
can be sent via mail to: AJOCC, P.O. Box 468271, Atlanta, GA 31146
No gift is too small.
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Partner with us as we empower Jews of Color across the South to build vibrant Jewish communities, centered on a Judaism that is sophisticated, deeply meaningful, and allows everyone to show up authentically.

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If you are interested in a free consultation to explore potential opportunities to work with Atlanta Jews of Color Council (AJOCC), and/or if you would like for a staff member to participate as a speaker, facilitator, or host at an event, please contact us.