Our Mission

As a nonprofit model of excellence, we honor our Jewish heritage by bringing awareness about who we are collectively as a multicultural people. Cultivating cultural competence empowers you to be extremely intentional about inclusion.

A group of 4 women. One woman is wrapped in the Flag of Zion. Another woman is holding a flag that reads "I stand with Israel."
AJOCC was a co-sponsor of the Atlanta Solidarity with Israel Rally 2021, hosted by the Atlanta Israel Coalition.

AJOCC has set an ambitious mission to drive actionable institutional change by amplifying the local voices of historically marginalized and underrepresented Jews of Color.  It’s core belief is that local JOC should have agency in the planning and operations of their local community.  AJOCC advocates for racial equity in hiring, multicultural inclusion, and local leadership. Through intentional programming, it also builds welcoming, affirming spaces where members and co-conspirators develop a deeper connection to Judaism and Jewish community. AJOCC encourages mentorships, internships, and networking opportunities toward the Jewish communal ecosystem’s executive leadership, boards, and committee positions. We promote more accessible points of entry into the mainstream Jewish community through various resource allocation such as funding for members to participate in Jewish education, Jewish day schools, Jewish summer camps, Jewish community centers, rabbinical school, synagogue memberships, and travel to Israel.

Programming Initiatives

We provide regional Jews of Color a platform to speak for themselves, and not have narratives controlled by people who don’t know or don’t understand the complexities of our vastly nuanced intersectional lived experience. People of Color are the best experts of their own narrative, and all organizations should lean into promoting, cultivating, and trusting, frontline leadership within the respective stakeholders communities being served.

  • To address racism as a mental health issue. Constant exposure to discrimination, prejudice, and bias is a form of psychological abuse which leads to stress, harm, lowered self esteem, and trauma.
  • To cultivate intentional, engaging Jewish experiences for AJOCC members and partners to develop a deeper connection to Judaism and pro-Israel Zionism through retreats, holiday events, social gatherings, and a trip to Israel.
  • To develop mentorships, internships, and networking opportunities to produce pipelines into leadership positions.

Accessibility Statement

AJOCC strives to ensure that all its services are accessible to people with disabilities, including on our website. We strongly believe every person has a right to live with dignity, independence, comfort, and equality. We are also committed to addressing racial, gendered, and sexual violence in ways that build revolutionary communities of care, hope, and psychological safety for all.