SIGD Celebration

Join AJOCC as we honor the Ethiopian Holiday of SIGD. Live from Israel via Zoom, we’ll meet Naftali Aklum, an Ethiopian-born world lecturer, activist, and film consultant. He’ll provide us with a first hand account of the history, culture, and politics of the Ethiopian Israeli community to give context to this amazing holiday!

2021 Convening

The 2021 Convening will be unforgettable; no matter where you are physically located, or if you’re available one of the two days.

Racial Justice Pre-Passover

Join us in Kehillah as we celebrate the Passover traditions of Jews of Color. We’ll explore the struggles of Israelites for freedom leaving Egypt, with today’s struggle for advancing racial and social justice. The voices of JOC will be amplified with songs of freedom and reflection on how our intersectionalism makes us aware of unseenContinue reading “Racial Justice Pre-Passover”

reJEWvinate for the New Year

Kick off the new year with MACoM & AJOCC. Learn about the ritual of mikvah while creating a personalized mikvah bag (travel pouch) filled with great supplies. Free massage session included! For men and women, ages 12 & over.

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